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Who's It For?

Anyone who owns a camera and wants to learn how to take better pictures


What's Inside?

  • Advanced, insightful explanations from commercial photographer Andy Batt on using  lenses, understanding sensor technology, controlling light and color and  managing digital workflow
  • Chapter 1: Prerequisite: Photo 101 , which covers the basics—exposure, focus, histograms and white balance—to get less-experienced photographers up to speed
  • Active input from photo experts—Holly Andres, Kim Campbell, Stewart Cohen, Jeff Conley, Carli Davidson, Bruce Ely, Craig Ferroggiaro, Toni Greaves and Sol Neelman
  • Diverse, relevant imagery and illustrations
  • Conversations with professional photographers about each photographic phase—from preproduction, the actual shoot and file delivery to working with a crew, clients and retouchers

Where Can You Get One?


Barnes and Noble

Focal Press


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Camera & Craft is the third book in the Digital Imaging Masters Series based on the curriculum of the digital photography program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

An instructional photography book at heart, Camera & Craft is refreshingly conversational. It does dive into the nitty gritty of professional workflow, but it also throws working photographers from a variety of disciplines into the mix to share their stories and working preferences so that you can build the foundation to move your photographic work to the next level. Once you understand and harness the power of the technical tools at your disposal—combining your camera with your craft—you will become a better artist too.

Who is this book for? Camera & Craft is for serious amateurs and intermediate photographers who want to bring their work to a professional level. Through interviews with pro photographers, insights into their workflows and processes, and at home exercises to hone your skills, you will learn to master your photographic tools. Creating technically sound photographs time and time again will become second nature to you so that you can unleash the full force of your creativity.


"Camera & Craft is the next best thing to being in the classroom . . ."