A Photographer Who Likes Words

Available November 28, 2014!

(Need a great holiday gift for your favorite photographer?)

Who's It For?

Anyone who owns a camera and wants to learn how to take better pictures.


Where Can You Get One?

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What's Inside?

  • Advanced, insightful explanations from commercial photographer Andy Batt on using  lenses, understanding sensor technology, controlling light and color and  managing digital workflow
  • Chapter 1: Prerequisite: Photo 101 , which covers the basics—exposure, focus, histograms and white balance—to get less-experienced photographers up to speed
  • Active input from photo experts—Holly Andres, Kim Campbell, Stewart Cohen, Jeff Conley, Carli Davidson, Bruce Ely, Craig Ferroggiaro, Toni Greaves and Sol Neelman
  • Diverse, relevant imagery and illustrations
  • Conversations with professional photographers about each photographic phase—from preproduction, the actual shoot and file delivery to working with a crew, clients and retouchers